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President - Elect

Graham, Angela

Graham, Angela
Stevenson, AL

regional participation: Current SER Board Member as Director of Conference Planning; previously served 2 terms as Secretary of the SER Board.

qualifications: Local member of the Central AL WOC Nurses Association x 15 years ; served as Secretary for several terms , conference committee member

summary statement: Hello to the most exciting group of WOC professionals I know! I have served on your Board now for several years as Secretary and now as Director of Conference Planning, and though I was just elected to this current role last year; I feel compelled to seek your support to become President-Elect. I have watched our membership thrive and have been honored to be on our Board with such a dynamic and passionate group of professionals who keep you, the members of the Southeast Region, in the forefront of every decision. I want to continue my role on the Board and seek new and inventive ways to grow our region, support our region and ultimately continue the work of those past Board members and mentor and foster new Board members. Looking to the future, we have to adapt to change and look for new and innovative ways to reach our peers, continually learn and impact the success of WOC nurses throughout our region. I want to be able to participate in hearing from you the members about your needs, ideas and growth for the future. These are challenging yet exciting times we are entering, and I wish to support you in this new role as President-Elect. Thank you.

Director of Awards

Dye, Angela

Dye, Angela
Baldwin, GA

regional participation: Current Director of Awards for the Southeast Region of the WOCN® Society. Poster Presenter at 2017 SER Knoxville Conference "Competency of Champions of Skin Integrity..."). GA Reporter for the SER Newsletter from June 2014 to January 2019. Speaker at 2012 SER Savannah Conference "Multidisciplinary Approach in Educating Colorectal Surgical Ostomy Patients..."). Poster Presenter at 2012 SER Savannah Conference ("It Takes Two to Prevent HAPU"). Supported fellow Co-chairs with 2012 SER conference planning in Savannah. Awarded 2011 SER WOCN "Rookie of the Year".

national participation: Attendee of 2014 and 2019 WOCN® Society National Conference in Nashville.

qualifications: Experience as the Southeast Region's Director of Awards for the current term, January 2019 - December 2020.

summary statement: Supporting and honoring people committed to excellence in our profession is a truly humbling experience. It is very apparent just how extraordinarily we care for our patients, their families, our colleagues and other healthcare professionals. I hope to be a source of information and inspiration as you all apply for scholarships and recognize your peers. It has been an honor to serve you all as the Director of Awards and I sincerely hope to serve our Region for another 2 years. I Iook forward to seeing you at conference!

Director of Awards

Fincher, Susan

Fincher, Susan
Newnan, GA

regional participation: Attend SER WOCN Conference each year since certifying. SER WOCN Conference Chairperson 2019

qualifications: Have held leadership roles in management and education.

summary statement: If elected to serve as Director of Awards my goal would be to ensure each recognition received the fairness and attention it deserves. I will fully participate in board meetings and facilitate communication between members and leaders to the best of my ability. Nursing is a challenging profession. Those that decide to gain more knowledge by specializing in wound, ostomy, and continence care deserve to be recognized for their contributions to this rewarding profession. I sincerely believe awarding nurses for their contributions enhances not only their practice but WOC nursing as a whole. I would appreciate the opportunity to serve as Director of Awards and be given the chance to contribute to the Southeast Region of the Wound Ostomy Continence Society.

Director of Awards

Thul, Jackie

Thul, Jackie
Chattanooga, TN

regional participation: Poster Award Winner - SER WOCN conference Orlando, FL. Multiple conference attendee.

national participation: Poster Presenter - San Antonio TX. Multiple conference attendee.

qualifications: Acute, Rehabilitation & Home Health WOCN experience. Research Consultant Adjunct Professor. Volunteer coordinator.

summary statement: My goal for this office is to use it as a way to improve professional development among the WOCN® nursing community. It will provide opportunities to encourage nurses to excel in their profession through research, education and project collaboration. SER already does a stellar job of recognizing new and experience WOC nurses through networking and awards. I want to build on this and encourage WOC nurses to grow through poster development, conference attendance and collaborative engagement. I have many years of experience coordinating volunteers, employees and nursing events. In this role I will be able to use my organizational skills to help WOC nurses grow and get the recognition they deserve. There are so many WOC nurses dedicated to their patients who place service over self. I want to get them Recognition!

Director of Communications

Lucas-Sherrod, Cordelia

Lucas-Sherrod, Cordelia
Rocky Mount, NC

regional participation: Nomination Committee Member for the state of North Carolina 2009-2010.

national participation: WOCN® Society Scholarship Committee 2009-2013.

qualifications: Treasurer for state WOC group 2014-2018

summary statement: It is an honor and privilege to be a member of the Southeast Region WOCN Society. My decision to apply for the position of Director of Communications supports my commitment to the Southeast Region and its purpose believing communication is an essential tool for success. I bring experience from various organizational settings. I have served on the National WOCN® Society’s scholarship committee as a member for two consecutive terms. Regionally, I served as a member of the nomination committee for the state of North Carolina. Additionally, I served as treasurer for the NC WOC Nurses group where I worked with the webmaster to update membership information. My vision as Director of Communications is to continue to strengthen the organization by working collaboratively with board members to support existing and new initiatives. I will commit to work diligently to direct organization-wide communications, via email, social media or website, to advance the Southeast Region’s philosophy to keep the membership well informed on calendar related events as well as pertinent information. Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to serving you.

Director of Communications

Nelson, Deborah

Nelson, Deborah
Cookville, TN

regional participation: I strongly believe in getting involved and being present in your passions. Anytime you have the opportunity to pitch in and volunteer you ultimately benefit from it personally. I have participated or volunteered for many of our annual conferences but had the opportunity to formally participate as a member of the Vendor Committee when our conference come to Tennessee. This provided me with a deeper understanding of our conference process and a greater appreciation for the wonderful vendors who support us each year.

national participation: I have also held the position in the National Nominations Committee for my area which I would strongly encourage anyone to do who is considering getting their feet wet in volunteerism for our Society.

qualifications: For the last three years, I have also directed the UOAAs Run For Resilience 5K for Ostomy Awareness with great passion and increasing success. Not being an actual runner myself, it added tremendous satisfaction and joy in my life to overcome the challenges in organizing an event for such a meaningful cause.

summary statement: First of all, having the opportunity to participate with and serve the dedicated nurses who were called to this specialty is an amazing privilege. I can't pass up the opportunity to strive for it. My thoughts and goals for this position are pretty simple actually. Meaningful communicating with each other is such a deep human need. I don't possess a degree in communications of claim to be an expert on Facebook, but I do possess the heart of a WOC Nurse who owes my practice to all the other WOC Nurses who came before me, who currently practice and for those to come. I am part of our story and I want to be apart of continuing to tell our story. Communicating our successes with each other is powerful. Finding engaging ways to communicate best practices is relevant for the livelihood of our society and I want to be a part of that with each of you. I will encourage you to think about how you communicate with each other now and how we can deepen that connection together. Thank you for considering me for the Director of Communications office.

Chair - Nominations Committee

Donna Byfield image

Byfield, Donna

regional participation: Served on the 2019 conference planning team. Serve as the 2020 Nomination Chair

national participation: Volunteer as one of the team member in reviewing and revising the WOC examination table of content for the WOCNCB® .

qualifications: Serve as the leader for the inpatient Ostomy support group at Grady hospital A member of the American Professional Wound Care Association A member of the American Nurses Association A member of the Florida Nurses Association

summary statement: My goal for the office is to serve the SER WOC member to the best of my ability through encouraging new WOC nurses to join the society. Encourage present members from different State to be more involved in the organization operation.

Chair - Nominations Committee

Nancy Scott image

Scott, N. Nancy
Brandon, FL

regional participation: 2015-2019-SER of the WOCN® Society Board officer: Director of Awards; 2015 - SER Florida Conference Planning Committee; 2019 - Poster presenter SER annual conference in Georgia; 2020 - Florida SER conference Poster Committee member.

national participation: 2008-2010 - National Public Policy(PP) Committee member; 2011 - PP Co-Chair: Conference Planning for "WOC in Washington"; 2011 - PP Reimbursement Taskforce; published in JWOCN 8/2011 - present; WOC preceptor Emory University; 2012 - National Conference Poster Presenter; 2011 - PP Taskforce for Reimbursement Guideline; 2015 - WOCN® Peer Review Pressure Ulcer Clinical Resource; 2016 - WOCN Peer Review Position Paper: "Avoidable vs Unavoidable Pressure Ulcers/Injuries"

qualifications: Florida State participation: Florida Association of Enterostomal Therapists (FAET); 2010 - 2013 FAET Board Officer: Secretary; 2013 - 2017 FAET Board - Officer: Director of Nominations; 2012 Chair - FAET conference in Tampa; 2017 - FAET conference planning committee member - Orlando; 2019 - FAET conference planning committee member - Gainesville; 2010 - present: member of Tampa Bay WOC nurses network group; 2000 - present Tampa Bay Ostomy Support group co-coordinator

summary statement: If elected to the Nominations Chair position, my commitment to you will be to make our organization even more successful by striving to represent all six states of the Southeast Region. My goal will be to implement collaborative work aimed at growing our SER WOCN society through promoting our WOC nurse profession. It will be vital for me to keep an eye on the needs of our membership and to regularly communicate with our members via phone calls, emails and social media. With 25 years experience as a seasoned CWOCN, utilizing my recruitment knowledge, heart and enthusiasm to the task, I will bravely face my new challenges as the Nominations Chair. Already being well-connected within our organization, it will make it easy for me to target a recruiting campaign by encouraging our members to seek opportunities to give back to our Society, and to inspire new and existing members to pursue SER WOCN and WOCN® Society educational and board opportunities . It is my sincere belief that WOC nurses can enhance their WOC specialty best by networking and actively participating in our Society. I am grateful for previously serving as the Director of Awards and am eager to return with confidence and passion as your Nominations Committee Chair. Thank you for your consideration and vote. 

Chair - Nominations Committee

Theresa Wilson image

Wilson, Theresa Alvarez

summary statement: As an active member of the WOCN® Society, I am looking to represent Tennessee as their chair representative. I want to be a part of the office in order to hear what others in the community request, suggest, or need to help to improve our regions communication and follow through. I am very detailed oriented and responsive, and would like to bring those qualities to our team. Currently, I work in a position that takes me across the country and even different areas of the world, and this can help bring open views of needs and improvement we can focus on. I hope to bring an open mind, non biased, and attentive focus to our region by assisting on the board! Thank you for your consideration!