Have you checked out the new tools on the WOCN Society website?

There are several great items:

WOCN® Society Questions

If you have any questions for the WOCN Society, please feel free to contact us at: wocn_info@wocn.org.

We are always looking for ways to better serve our members - YOU are important to us!
WOCN Society Phone: 1-888-224-9626
WOCN Society Email: wocn_info@wocn.org 
WOCN Society Website: http://www.wocn.org/

WOCN® Society Membership

To update your Region Affiliation, call 1-888-224-9626 or email info@wocn.org with your request.

Membership Renewals or to Join: https://wocn.site-ym.com/?page=Member_Benefits

WOCN® Certification Board Questions

Certification, recertification, Professional Growth Program (PGP) and exam questions should be directed directly to the WOCNCB.

The WOCN Society and WOCNCB are two separate entities that support WOC nursing practice.

WOCN Certification Board Phone: 1-888-496-2622
WOCN Certification Board Email: info@wocncb.org
WOCN Certification Board Website: www.wocncb.org