The Southeast Region of the WOCN® Society invites you to exhibit!

44th Annual Conference

Orlando, FL

Rosen Centre Hotel

9840 International Drive

Exhibits / Opening Reception opens at 4:15 on Thursday, 9/24/2020

Exhibits (5 hours)

Download Prospectus / registration
  • Thursday September 24; 4:15 PM - 7 PM (with appetizers / beverage)
  • Friday September 25; 10:15 AM - 12:30 PM (with snacks / beverage)

4 Non-CE Symposia

First come / paid. Download information / application*
  • LUNCH: Thursday and Friday
  • BREAKFAST: Friday
  • DINNER: Friday

* Return the completed application. Upon review, an invoice will be generated through PayPal® with fee payment link.

Exhibitor Sign In

11:30 AM Thursday at the registration desk. One person (booth captian) should sign in and pick up your packet containing badges and information.

Exhibitor Move In

Exhibitors may start moving in at Noon on Thursday.  Be sure to have your booth set up by 4:00 PM. (see note regarding loading dock and materials handling)

Booth Assignments

Booth assignments will be made in early September by the Director of Conference Planning, and her team. Exhibit booths will be assigned based on the following creteria:

  1. Sponsorship Level
  2. Payment Date
  3. Request to avoid proximity to other exhibitors

Things to do in Orlando

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Alliance Nationwide Exposition



Freight Handling Jurisdiction - Alliance has the responsibility of receiving and handling all exhibit material and empty crates. It is their responsibility to manage docks and schedule vehicles for the smooth and efficient move-in and move out of the exhibition. Alliance will not be responsible, however, for any materials they do not handle.

If you want to use provided carts at the dock, the flat cart rate will be $75 each way or $150 round trip.

Exhibitors are permitted to hand carry their booth materials through the front door of the exhibit hall. The use of small wheeled carts or dollies is acceptable, but through a designated area only (typically through the front or side door, away from the dock area).


Order elecricity for your booth from the Rosen Centre.


Complimentary in guest rooms and common areas.

Send an email to with your Company Name, your Name, Email address and Phone Number if you are not on our contact list, or if you have any questions.